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THE PIZZA, HE-MAN. EAT IT! :iconzeurel:Zeurel 1,965 175
Nami .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Nami .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 8,165 200
Male!Youtuber!Reader x D.Va - Chapter 2

Yt/n: Joe, Rambo is pretty…rough…
Angry Joe: Yeah, why do you think I hate this fucking game?!
I watched their stream and they were on the last level where it was a gauntlet of a level where they had to go against a bunch of mini-boss level enemies like MG gunners, flamethrowers, and commanders. Oh and if they died, they had to start over again. It was funny seeing both him and Joe slamming the desk in frustration.
Angry Joe: I don’t want to play this disaster anymore!
Yt/n: I got something to make this interesting…
I see Yt/n get up from his gaming chair and to the fridge in the back of his webcam and brings out two glasses and a bottle of what I assumed was alcohol and filled them both with alcohol.
Yt/n: Joe and chat, what we’re going to do now impromptu is a drinking game. Every time when either me or Joe dies, we take an entire glass of alcohol, in the wake that we will be too dru
:iconpopdood:popdood 27 6
Pocky Makes you Blush (SashaxReader) Request
The sky glowed bright orange, silhouetting you and your girlfriend’s apartment. The cool night air brushed the strands of hair framing your face away. You were walking back from the small general store nearby. You wanted to get her something nice for always being with you and hearing about your troubles. Sasha put up with your crap all the time, yet she still smiled and swore you were the best girlfriend ever. You smiled, remembering the time your uncle died and she ran out to get take out to help you feel better. For Sasha to run out to get food for you was a huge treat. You appreciated everything she did for you. This past week, you had thought about all the times you spent with her, so you decided you’d get some pocky for an experiment.
You unlocked the door and opened the gold knob, “Sasha I’m home!”
You heard a clatter in the kitchen, knowing the brunette was probably looking for something to cook. You giggled softly at her usual antics and entered th
:iconwhitesoulninja69:whitesoulninja69 26 8
RWBY: Winter by kimmy77
Mature content
RWBY: Winter :iconkimmy77:kimmy77 395 10
RWBY: Winter Cinder by kimmy77 RWBY: Winter Cinder :iconkimmy77:kimmy77 314 7
Mature content
Suave ( Midnight x Male!Villain!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 45 29
Cookie Cat Capers by Neodusk Cookie Cat Capers :iconneodusk:Neodusk 1,394 151
Mature content
Beast of the Sky (Hinoka x MaleReader) :iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 47 17
RWBY: Cinder v2 by kimmy77
Mature content
RWBY: Cinder v2 :iconkimmy77:kimmy77 345 16
Alicetelia February x Male reader
It was a dark night in Tokyo. There was a full moon that was supposed to shine over the dark areas of the city. The forecast however announced that today would be a cloudy day, even during night. The only option to light up the parks were with the street lights. That's where (Y/n) came around. A young man walking around the park for some fresh air. It was already 10 PM, he had trouble sleeping. Trying everything like watching television to tire him out a bit or reading a few books of his, but nothing would work. One of the choices he could think of was taking a walk around the park. Being well aware what could creep under the darkness during this time of the day, he brings a flashlight, his phone, and a can of pepper spray just in case if there were anyone suspicious people lurking around the park.
Taking place now, (Y/n) sits on the base belonging to a fountain located in the middle of the park, surfing through the web on his smart phone. He minded his o
:iconblackops3596:Blackops3596 16 3
Cold Hearted - Warm Souled Disowned!Weiss x Male R
~+~ Cold Hearted – Warm Souled ~+~
~+~ Part 2 End ~+~
    (a/n) I have some ideas for Cinder.  Do y’all wanna see them?! Still gonna be slightly OC, and music references as per usual. Really rushed part here.
~+~ Weiss ~+~
You can have anything you want,
and the world got a Moneytree in your backyard
Your mama said honey you can get anyone,
and those baby-blue eyes and rolls.

    She started singing. Her raw emotions controlling the lyrics as (y/n) skillfully worked the chords together to produce the sound. The notes slowly worked their ways together, and Weiss began to really show her colors.
But I don't think that's gonna help you,
seeing that you don't know how the treat girls
But sorry to disappoint you
but you're not the only rich dude in the world.

    Weiss began to ease up, realizing that she was beginning to rise in intensity, but still kept her thoughts rolling. (y/
:iconnsjv19:NSJV19 41 28
Slight Yan! Annie Leonhart X Male!Reader-1-Friend
A/N: You are basically the role of Eren, but Eren is still there, just not the protagonist. You're the protagonist. Also, I might reference A Slap on Titan a lot.
Chapter 1: Friend
"(F/n), (L/n)."
You turned around to see who was it who called your name. It was Eren.
"Yes? What is it?" You said.
"Mikasa is looking for you," he said.
You followed Eren to Mikasa. Eren then left, and Mikasa grabbed your arm.
"(Y/n), do you think you're going to pass tomorrow's test?" Mikasa asked.
You thought for a moment. "Of course! Why wouldn't I?"
"You've been slacking lately," Mikasa said. "And if you don't pass, I'll stay with you."
"No, I will pass! I will make sure of it!" You said. "Anyways, what is the test?"
"It's pretending that you're actually fighting a titan. You have to use your gear and everything," Mikasa explained.
:iconpillowdoggie:Pillowdoggie 31 7
RWBY: Bonds Beyond Fanfiction - Prologue (1/2)

This fic does indeed spoil on how some fics of mine are going to end, specifically Get Your Love On! (JadenYuki!Reader x Weiss Schnee) and A Game of Love (Atem!Reader x RWBY Harem). I put you in the role of YuseiFudo!Reader because I saw him as the leader and who doesn’t want a voice that makes all of the fangirls swoon? Unless you want to be an original person while this fic is going on, then that is okay.
RWBY: Bonds Beyond Fanfiction - Prologue (1/2)
Y/N: Niece.
Ruby: Uncle!
Y/N: There’s something I have to tell you.
Ruby: What is it Uncle?
Y/N: I have cookies for you
She didn’t seem to reply and stared at me with a blank face
Ruby: What?
Y/N: I said I have some cookies for you.
Ruby: Now, why would I want to eat that?
Y/N: Because you like them, it’s your trademark.
Ruby: That’s ridiculous. Now c’mon sis, let’s go out to Vale and walk into a store and BUY. SOME.
:iconpopdood:popdood 10 21
Mikasa x Male Reader! Fight! Part 18
Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy this Chapter! only two more parts until the Finale :D
Hanji was currently stitching up your leg. They pulled the cross bolt out…that hurt like a fucking bitch. You sat down on one of the logs in the small camp site that the Scavengers used to run. Everyone was dumping the bodies into a big bon fire.
Hanji: if he had shot a few centimeters to the left he could’ve hit an artery.
(y/n): *sighs* I have to be more careful.
Hanji: you need to take in your surroundings more. It’s important to know that. You don’t know where the enemy might be hiding.
(y/n): thanks Hanji.
Hanji then smiled at you.
Hanji: no problem.
You then stood up, Hanji tried helping you but you brushed her off. You then started limping over to the bonfire.
Eren: are you going to be okay dude?
(y/n): yeah, I’ll live…it’s one damn injury after the other.
:iconragnarock7400:Ragnarock7400 16 12
Sinon x Male reader! Wanted! (ONE SHOT)!
Hello everyone! This is my 400 watcher special submission! I can't thank all of you enough for reading my content! Even those of you who don't watch my page, I thank you for at least reading my content! Here we go! Enjoy!
(h/c)- Hair color.
(y/n)- Your name
(r/n)- Race name    (for your ALO avatar)
(f/c)- Favorite color
(f/c2)- 2nd favorite color  
(User ID)- Avatar name in the game.
You were a 17 year old... You weren't a serious gamer until the Nerve Gear came out... And that's when VR gaming hit you right at home! You unfortunately weren't able to be one of the 10,000 inside SAO... But soon, that turned out to be a good thing... But... You still weren't completely satisfied with yourself IRL... Your family didn't pay much attention to you... And you didn't have many friends in school... You got ALO when it came out, and played it everyday, for as long as you could!
You were sitting on your computer, on the ALO website, a
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 89 52


Don't you just love it when you get a upgraded graphics card and it stops working while you play a game every 20 minutes, yeah they're the best! *twitch twitch*
-Tell you something I learned while looking at your DA page for 20 seconds.
-Tell you what color you remind me of.
-Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
Tell you what animal you remind me of. 
-Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
-Tell you something I like about you or your art.
Give you a nickname.
Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now.
Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
 Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already

Thank EpicPersonCool for this

Was asked by IgnobleFiend to do dis.
Hey guys! Happy Valentine's Day if it's not it then happy early/late one then.

*sigh* more years of being reminded that I'll never succeed in life...
Alright click bait! Better check that off the list. *Ahem* so IwatobiSurveyCorps has challenged me to a battle and I accept your challenge Ana!

1.) Real name: Chris... That's the shortened version.
2.) Nicknames: Chris or Nova
3.) Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 
4.) Male or Female: Male!
5. Nursery: Um pass?
6.) Primary school: Like heck I would say it.
7.) Secondary school: Again like heck I would tell it.
8.) Hair color: Black
9.) Short or Long: I honestly have no idea what short or long would be like with my hair...
10.) Loud or Quiet: Usually quiet until I get legit pissed off.
11.) Sweats or Jeans: Personally sweats. Jeans just don't feel comfortable.
12.) Phone or camera: Phone I'm not one for picture taking or video filming.
13.) Health Freak: I care about it but naturally will not take it into too much consideration.
14.) Drink or smoke: What? I don't to either.
15.) Do you have a crush on someone: Against all odds I actually do...
16.) Political orientation: Um Lebron James?
17.) Piercings: Nope.
18.) Tattoos: Nope.

Ever been items!
19.) Airplanes: Only a few times actually.
20.) Car *Accident*: No!
21.) Fist fight: I ran away from one does that count?

Das firsts!

22.) First piercings: I have zero!
23.) First best friend: A boy named  *classified*
24.) First Instrument played: Piano of you mean actually got good then the Viola.
25.) First award: Getting all C's...
26.) First crush: The only girl/classmate who accepted that I wasn't used to being around other kids and being really shy.
27.) First language: English.
28.) First big vacation: Vietnam!


29.) Last person you talked to: Online: The "Squad" Offline: Person named *other classified*
30.) Last person you texted: *ANOTHER classified*
31.) Last person you watched: I have no idea!
32.) Last food you ate: Pho!
33.) (btw just throwing this out but you wrote another 32 not 33) anyways Last movie you watched: Starwars: Rogue One.
34.) Last song you listened to: Space is Cool! Markiplier
35.) Last thing you bought: School lunch it's actually pretty good stuff.
36.) Last person you hugged: No one.

Personal faves!

37.) Food: Pass around a good bowl of chips!
38.) Drinks: Pass me a good orange soda!
39.) Clothing: My school t-shirt!
40.) Book: Itch: The Explosive Adventures of an Element Collector.
41.) Color: Green!
42.) Flower: Don't got one tbh...
43.) Music: Everything's About to Change. (Forgot the artist...)
44.) Movie: Big Hero 6
45 is not present...
46.) Subject: Choir!

What have I done with my life in 2016/ the last year?

47.) Kissed in the rain: Nope.
48.) Celebrated Halloween: I did kinda last minuite but I did!
49.) Had your hear broken: Nope.
50.) Went over the minute on your cell phone: Nope.
51.) Had someone question you sexual orientation: What? So no.
52.) Used a weapon: Uh no.
53.) Breathed fire: No. (Is that even possible?!)
54.) Had an abortion: WHAT? NO!
55.) Done something you regretted: Oh all the time...
56.) Broke a promise: Some things that I just couldn't keep...
57.) Kept a secret: Sure I kept plenty of them.
58.) Met someone who changed your life: No sadly.
59.) Pretended to be happy: Yep...
60.) Pretended to be sick: Nope.
61.) Left the country: Haven't left since 2014.
62.) Tried something you normally wouldn't and liked it: Certain pizza toppings.
63.) Cried over the silliest thing: I hate rng in Fire Emblem.
64.) Ran a mile: "Ran" part of one walked them ran again repeat until finished.
65.) Went to the beach: Haven't been to one in a long time...
66.) Stayed single: OH YOU KNOW IT!


67.) Eating: Pizza by the boxes!
68.) Drinking: 7 Up with a bit of lime juice added in!
69.) Getting ready to: Prepare to be lonely during Valentine's Day.
70.) Listening to: *Tonight's stakes will be $10,000 dollars* (God I hate Poker Night at the Inventory)
71.) Plans for tomorrow: Go to school while planning how to avoid school on Valentine's Day.
72.) Waiting for: Spring break!


73.) Want kids: No. Simple as that.
74.) Marriage: Eh 50/50
75.) Careers in mind: Chef, Attorney, Youtuber.

Which is better on the opposite gender? (Don't be triggered pls.)

76.) Lips or Eyes: I'd rather go for eyes...
77.) Shorter or Taller: Taller but just by a few centimeters or inches so that she doesn't make fun of me being short...
78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: Spontaneous I guess. Though I wouldn't mind the romantic one as long as it's not overboard on it.
79.) Nice stomach or nice arms: (what kind of a question is this?!) Stomach I don't want her to be in the hospital all the time for food not being able to be processed. 0-o
80.) Sensitive or loud: While I wouldn't be able to be with her to control the sensitivity I would still go with it. I just don't like loud people all that much...
81.) Hook up or relationship: Relationship hands down.
82.) Troublemaker or hesitant: Hesitant I would rather not be pulled over by the cops by having a troublemaker drive my car thank you very much!

Have you ever? (Caught a good guy like a real super hero?)

83.) Lost glasses or contacts: I don't use either so no.
84.) Ran away from home: I have once. I came back after 30 seconds because I realized I couldn't survive on my own.
85.) Held a weapon: Do plastic swords and Nerf guns count?
86.) Killed someone: WHAT NO!
87.) Broke someone's heart: No, at least I don't think so anyway...
88.) Been arrested: Nope.

Do you believe in?

U skipped 89...
90.) Yourself: *spits out drink* PFFT HAHAHA! Ah, no.
91.) Miracles: Sure.
92.) Love at first sight: Yeah.
93.) Heaven: Yep.
94.) Santa: Used to until I stayed up for a whole night to find him and found my dad wrapping presents and eatin the cookies I left...
95 was skipped...
96.) Magic: UR A WIZARD!


97.) Someone you wanna be with right now: Mmhm.
98.) Are you seriously happy with where you are in life: Meh it's alright wish it was better but glad it isn't worse.
99.) Happy with the person you are with: Not with anyone, I'm a lonely piece of trash that doesn't deserve anything.

100.) Post as 100 truths then tag 5 people! (Don't have to do tag just doin it for da rules.)

Anywas done and done the battle is finished!
Tagged by IwatobiSurveyCorps awhile ago sooooo... LETS GET TO IT!

The Rules: 

1. You have to post all the Rules.

2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 

3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 

4. Choose 13 people. 

5. You have to tag 13 people. (It's okay if you can't find 13)

6. You can't say you don't do tags. 

7. Tag-backs are allowed. 

8. You must make a journal entry, not in the comments.

9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you. (I'm not strict, don't worry)

10. Be creative with the title.
Ripped at straight from the person I was tagged by!

Facts bout dis guy!

1. I once was assigned to draw Alice in Wonderland and color + decorate it. My brain never remembered the movie correctly and I drew the Wizard of Oz God help me.
4. I'm a big sucker for games made by The Behemoth
5. I like chicken more then beef.
6. I used to eat McDonalds every week and gained maybe about 2 or 3 pounds...?
7. My computer was a piece of garbage, I have upgraded but the problem is that the upgraded part keeps crashing itself.
8. I use Windows 7!
9. Windows XP has the greatest start up sound in my opinion.
10. Believe it or not I like cafeteria food.
11. I get little sleep...
12. I recently got into playing a much simpler Yugioh game on the phone... I can't stop playing it now.
13. THIS GUY IS 100% LAME!

Now time FOR DAS Q AND A!

1. Do you like DANGANRONPA~??? If yes, tell me your favorite character!
Hm hard to say I never watched it but from what I've seen I would say yes but don't have a favorite character so pass on the second part.

2. Do you like Haikyuu~?? If yes, tell me your favorite character!!
Eh I haven't watched that much so I'm mixed about it.

3. Soda or milkshakes??
O soda hands down. (Though a good milkshake is pretty good)

4. Would you rather be extremely gullible to the point where you'll do or believe ANYTHING anyone tells you OR would you rather only speak in extremely random and over the top lies?
The second one because that's what life is isn't it? Wait...

5. Do you like Chinese pork buns?
Meh mixed about them.

6. Would you rather find out your waifu/husbando is extremely crazy or would you rather have to watch them die...?
Crazy, there's always a mental health Doctor... Plus Yandere status?

7. Whats your favorite cereal?
Eh not much of a cereal person so Frosted Flakes is my best option...

U skipped 8...

9. 'Always have hope' or 'just aim for the future'?
Neither! Because I'm sad, lonely, and negative!

10. Snow Leopards or white lions?
Snow Leopards are pretty cool I guess.

11. Ever watch Speed racer?

12. You get to be extremely strong and powerful and have any one power you want BUT You get hospital bad stomach pains every morning from 8 am-12 pm. Do you accept?!
Sure my power would be to not feel any type of pain so I bypass the negatives! >:3

13. BIG EATER COMPETITION! Sasha Braus from Attack on Titan or Akane Owari from Danganronpa 2?!?!

NOW BEHOLD THE BAN- *hack cough cough hack* UH TAG HAMMER!

1. IgnobleFiend (Saw you do 2 tags so you decide if you wanna do it)
2. IwatobiSurveyCorps (Error 45: Joke not found)
3. RedEyedGhoul 
4. NehpetsSanders (Free pass because I basically pissed you off!)
5. SharkyX7 (if u don't do this stuff then u get a pass)
6. TheBoopIsReal (Ur alive right?)
7. TheDiamondRiolu (Free pass for doing my last tag!)
8. budderartist (DFJEMDOKES DO IT NOW)
9. None left in existence!


1. State of mind?


3. Discord anyone?

4. Someone walks and and violently shakes you for no reason what would you do?

5. Drama happens and you don't get paid enough to put up with it, what do you do?

7. (Keep it classy) Favorite color?

8. Favorite quote?

9. Surrender to the dark or be perished by light?

10. A loading bar sits at 99% and will never load but you don't know it and it's something that you REALLY wanted to play/watch/listen or whatever how long do you stay?

11. What society thinks of you?

12. Taco Bell or Chipotle? (Or even Del Taco if ur brave enough)

13. Would you believe me if I told you that I was caught trying to sneak out of my friends house because I coughed blood on the wall? (This never happened FYI)

  • Listening to: Nightcore Untouchable
  • Reading: The Hunger Games series.
  • Watching: The dankest of memes.
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Cashews
  • Drinking: Acid
-Tell you something I learned while looking at your DA page for 20 seconds.
-Tell you what color you remind me of.
-Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
Tell you what animal you remind me of. 
-Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
-Tell you something I like about you or your art.
Give you a nickname.
Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now.
Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
 Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already

Thank EpicPersonCool for this

Was asked by IgnobleFiend to do dis.


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